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Anna Czyżewska - Photo by Aneta Maria Photography


Annie is an intriguing music project by Anna Czyżewska, a singer-songwriter, composer and arranger. It is difficult to describe this music or compare it to other projects. That’s why you need to listen to it yourself, go deep into the music and beautiful, stirring stories.

Anna Czyżewska made her debut in AnColectiv in 2003 and has pursued her solo career since then. Annie’s characteristic and unique voice together with the lyrics and simple music arrangements distinguishes her from other projects. In 2012 Annie released her first EP consisting of seven songs performed solo.

The latest EP, released in November 2019, is made up of six songs recorded by Annie (vocals, piano) together with Wojciech Wesołowski (guitar) and Krzysztof Hnatiuk (bass guitar).


Musicians collaborating with Annie:

Wojciech Wesołowski: a guitarist and sound engineer. From 1997 to 1999 he was a part of Antykwariat – a music band from Gdańsk. He worked as a sound engineer for Radio Plus and ran his own engineering business. He cooperated with ISLET and played the guitar on her album entitled Zatrzymaj się (Stop). He works as an acoustic and electric guitar teacher in Empire Music School and others. He laso takes part in a project Teatr Poza Sztuką (A Theatre Beyond Art).

Krzysztod Hnatiuk: a bass guitarist and session musician cooperating with Customtrack.pl. Currently studying at Akademia Muzyczna im. Stanisława Moniuszki w Gdańsku. (Music Academy in Gdańsk).


Musicians collaborating with Annie in the past:

  • Kazik Kaszubowski: a bass guitarist, session musician, composer and arranger
  • Bartek Skroński: a drummer
  • Robert “Dziki” Jechanowski: a drummer